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The Orioles Announcers Absolutely Roasted The Umpires After An Insanely Soft Ejection Last Night

Almost every night we are getting something like this. An umpire realizing it is HIS time to get his name into the papers. Last night it happened to come with the Orioles up 14-0 on the Yankees in the 8th. Wandy Peralta had just buzzed Ryan O'Hearn's tower and naturally he wasn't happy being up 2 touchdowns. Next batter is Colton Cowser who gets plunked in the back. I don't know if it was intentional, I kind of lean yes but who knows. Maybe it just happened to slip 2 batters in a row when your team has been getting abused all night, idk. 

Both teams are warned which is weird considering the Orioles didn't do anything, they aren't the ones throwing at people, why should they be warned? So Brandon Hyde comes out not to argue, just to ask the umpire why is his team being warned when they are up 14-0 and did nothing wrong. IMMEDIATE ejection by Dan Iassogna. Doesn't come out aggressive, is just asking what the deal was. Hyde gets the immediate ejection on a top 3 soft ejection all season. I get you can't argue stuff.....but he wasn't arguing. Hyde was calm the entire time, this was another umpire thinking his balls are bigger than they are. Super wimpy ejection from Iassogna too. What was that?

But the best part of this whole exchange was Orioles announcers Kevin Brown and Jim Palmer starting it off by absolutely torching the umpires and Yankees. Palmer calling people macho guys and Brown dropping a GET OUT OF HERE like your dad when you've officially pissed him off. A great display of emotion from the guys in the booth. I am going to ask people if they "are a macho guy?" from now on. The ejection may have been horrible but at least we got some classic lines at the end of an absolute beatdown in the Bronx.