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Twitter Is Firing Back At Mark Zuckerberg And Threads By...Threatening To Sue Them!

I gotta say, I'm a little underwhelmed by this response by Tesla Boy and his minions. I thought maybe giving back some of the features that made Twitter the most addicting app on the planet despite it being a digital hellscape would be a nice way to fight off the new competition. But it appears Twitter decided to go the route that the worst people on the planet always do, which is the legal route.

I still remember the day that kids in my elementary school class found out what suing was and it was the worst day ever. Suddenly arguments that could be settled with words, or even better violence, turned into saying "I'm gonna sue you" which was as lame as it got. So I am going to say that we can probably rule out Elon ever getting into the octagon, or even better The Colosseum, against Zuck since he is unleashing his lawyers on people instead of his fists of fury.

Now while I do practice bird law, I have no clue how bird app law works. However I believe that if you fire/layoff/whatever the hell Elon did during his wild early days as Twitter's CEO that led to a bunch of employees becoming ex-employees, they can go wherever they want, which will likely be to another social media company that can harvest their skills as well as take down the dickhead that gave them a pink slip. Zuck already has been able to clone all of his apps biggest competitors without having a rival CEO that seems to be actively trying to destroy his own product. So I'm guessing Twitter's C&D letter to Threads is going to go about as well as ESPN's did to Pardon My Take.


Personally, I think Elon should leave the lawyers at home and settle this with his hands like a man considering he has the weight advantage along with an opponent who seems more than willing to take the fight. But again, I'm just an idiot smut blogger (with a new Threads account that you should follow right now), so what do I know?