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Soccer Tough: Gabriel Jesus Admitted He Left Manchester City Because Pep Guardiola Made Him Cry

Shit. This isn't a good look for any of us who enjoy soccer. We're out here trying to break the stigma of soft, flopping, crying, all that and now we have Gabriel Jesus openly admitting he left Man City because Pep made him cry. I'm not even bashing Jesus because he's at Arsenal now. This is strictly a crying blog. I guess I shouldn't be surprised about this: 

I don't know man, maybe, just MAYBE, Pep knows what he's doing? I mean, I guess you could call him a successful manager. He's only won three Champions League titles, 3 La Liga titles, 5 Premier League titles and 3 Bundesliga titles. That's all he's won so maybe that's why we are a little hesitant to call him great. I'd call him great if he came to the USA and led the USMNT to a World Cup semifinal or something. Do it without the money backing at Man City if you ask me. 

Hey, I get you want to play in a Champions League game. I get that you'd be upset about getting pulled from the Starting XI. But you simply can't admit you cried and pinpoint that moment as why you left Man City. It's a bad look. It's the dreaded s word ... soft. Sure, Jesus ended up coming on in that game against PSG and helping them win 2-1, but you can't admit it. Just admit you were pissed. That sounds better than crying.