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The Stories About How Chris Paul Found Out He Was Traded To The Warriors Are Getting Out Of Control - This Time, During A Pickup Game

This isn't about the trade necessarily, this is about the constant lying. We already heard this story: 

Now we have Theo Pinson talking about playing a pickup game and Chris Paul finding out here. I gotta admit, I'm a Chris Paul guy. I love him, nut punches and all. I want him to win a title so people stop doing the 'yeah, but' with him when it comes to his career. Julius Hodge is the only person who has the right to talk shit like that if you ask me. 

This story is way more believable than his son texting him if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I think both are fake, but this one seems more true. Nobody happens to have their son text them first unless you're a parent who still has an AOL account. By that I mean my dad and probably your dad. That said, there's nothing like breaking some sports news about your favorite team to your old man. He won't find out until like 6pm if you don't happen to text him in the afternoon. 

It's still weird to see Chris Paul on the Warriors. These are guys that hated each other and openly talked about it. Then there's the whole fit side. It doesn't make a ton of sense. I mean, you don't want to take the ball out of Steph's hands. Paul doesn't want to fly around and play fast, he's methodical. You had to move on from Jordan Poole, sure, but the Chris Paul fit doesn't make the most sense. 

I just hope we keep getting ridiculous lies about how Chris Paul found out he was traded. Next up tell me he was bowling or some shit and a bartender told him.