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The People Who Run Wimbledon Are Begging Couples To Stop Having Sex In The 'Quiet Rooms' During The Tournament

[Source] - Wimbledon chiefs reacted to the love matches by moving the room from temporary cabins to a new permanent location inside the stand - ironically near the 'Used Balls' sales hut.

“Joking aside it's a really important space and so we will be retaining it and we'll be making sure that people are using it the right way. So if people need space to go and pray it's a quiet space to go and do that.

The Quiet Rooms became the talk of last year's championships. One eyewitness said: “This couple disappeared inside, locked the door and they were gone for ages. I had time to finish two Pimms while they were in there. The sign on the door said ’engaged'.

Hey, maybe loosen up a little bit here Wimbledon. You don't know how people operate and what happens if a couple is so riled up they can't wait. You really want to be the reason they can't have a little sex in the quiet room? What if they are quiet? That seems like it is fair game. That said, you can't be in there having marathon sex. Drinking two drinks while they are still there? Too long. That should be used for a quickie, in and out, back to watching a match. 

That's how you grow tennis. I've tried getting into it. I watch the Finals and all that. But there's an age you reach when you simply can't add more you care about. I'm not talking just because of family and kids and all that. There's a limit your body reaches, I swear it happens. You already care about other sports, at 36 it's hard to truly care about a tennis player not named Anna Kournikova and being scared your family computer is getting fried to death. 

All-in-all I almost feel like you gotta give credit to the couples here. 1) for the ability to show up in this setting and get the job done and 2) finding the quiet rooms. It takes a lot of *ahem* balls to execute this properly and they appeared to do so. They found the loophole.