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The Whole Damian Lillard Saga Needs To End Because This Is Why People Claim To Hate The NBA

I've hit my breaking point on the whole Damian Lillard saga. In fact this is the only blog I've had on it because it's that annoying. I don't blame Lillard for wanting a trade, he's far from the first or last person in any sport to demand a trade. But we're going on a few years now of this whole will-he, won't-he demand a trade. Now it's even worse because he only wants to go to the Heat. 

Great. Can everyone shut the fuck up about it until it happens now? Every day there seems to be a new 'report' about the situation and none of it matters. Nothing matters in this situation until a trade goes down. It's gotten to the point where Damian Lillard himself is tweeting about taking the high road with fans: 

Welcome to being a pro, Dame! Fans are always going to turn on the face of their franchise after wanting a trade. Seems like there's the answer. But again, this whole saga is why people hate the NBA. The whole gotta trade to be on a superteam. The whole demanding only going to the Heat and basically holding every franchise hostage because they want to trade for you but then you'll just sink it. We gotta move on from this. I'm begging everyone. Stop talking about it starting now until there's a trade. 

This isn't even just on Dame. This is on the need to have all these rumors. The whole 'this league' bullshit that's somewhat ruined the actual product. It's funny to a degree. It's easy to blog. Sure, that's all the game. But at some point the NBA needs to get back to just talking about basketball more than rumors.