Anthony Edwards Doesn't Want Any New Women Hitting Him Up Now That Signed His $260M Contract

I got a feeling Anthony Edwards saw the Zion Williamson chronicles and got the message. You gotta give credit when credit is due because that was a funny video. Panning to his dog and girlfriend and then honing in on the dog was some good PG humor. 

It is really crazy to think about how much money these guys are getting at such a young age. Dude is 21 years old and is already financially set for generations. Imagine being that young with that much money. It's insane to think about and this is why it always brings me back to having a common sense guy with you at all times. Someone that will tell you stop this shit you are a moron and use some common sense. There are far too many yes men around these folks who don't step in when they should. 

I never thought Anthony Edwards would be this good this fast. You always gotta hesitate with the guys who say they don't love the sport they're playing. They say they just do it because they're very good at it, but when the passion isn't necessarily there that's scary. Well, whether he likes it or not, the talent outweighs any of those thoughts. It's nice to see him be a normal 21 year old without all this cray shit happening to him like a lot of other guys in the league.