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Mike Trout Lands On The IL With A Hamate Fracture And Now The Angels 10,000% Should Trade Shohei Ohtani

Well folks, that may be all she wrote for the Angels this season. 3 games above .500, 6 back in the division, and 3 back in the Wild Card and are starring down the barrel of an extended period of time without Mike Trout. The future Hall Of Famer fractured his left hamate bone last night on a swing and you immediately knew something was wrong. He had said he was hoping for a sprained wrist, but it’s the Angels so it’s never something as simple as that.

Angels announced that he’s expected to be out six to eight weeks which lands him around mid-August and maybe into September. It sucks that Trout is battling these injuries over and over, we just want to see him stay healthy. But now this has a much bigger impact on the Angels future. You have to trade Shohei Ohtani now. They aren’t catching Houston or Texas in the division. They aren’t going to overtake anyone in he Wildcard race. Ohtani is likely going to walk at the end of the year and is having the possibly one of the best seasons we’ve ever seen. Trade him, it’s the right move. You want to keep him, finish 6 games under and you’re golfing on October 3rd? Or do you trade him, get an insane haul of players and prospects and set your franchise up for the future. 

The trade deadline is August 1, Trout will still be out another 2 weeks after that. Make the move. Rip the bandaid off. It’s going to suck, it’s going to be miserable, but it’s the right thing. You let Ohtani walk and you get…..a comp pick. That’s it. You trade him and a team is going to mortgage their future for 17. Then you put on the full court press and try and get him back as a free agent, it’s 100% the right move for the Angels. I don’t envy the Angels front office for what they’re going to have to deal with over the next month at all, pray for them.