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Michael Jordan Finally Broke His Silence On Marcus Jordan Dating Larsa Pippen And Somehow It's More Insulting For Scottie

I don't want to say poor Scottie because, man, maybe he wanted away from Larsa? But poor Scottie. You can't have the guy who was the face of your franchise, the guy you wanted to be on the same tier for do that laugh before saying 'no' he doesn't approve of his son dating your ex-wife. Brutal all the way around. Shit, MJ didn't even need to say anything, that laugh said it all. That's one of the meanest laughs I've ever heard even if he didn't mean it. 

I know there are people out there saying 'who cares, the heart wants what the heart wants' or whatever bullshit like that. But this is a society and we have rules! You can't be dating Scottie Pippen's ex-wife if you have Jordan in your last name. I don't even mean related to MJ. If you're just a random Jordan - first name or last - you can't be dating her. But, this is brutal for Scottie because you know MJ said something to Marcus at some point and he just doesn't give a damn. That's brutal. 

Someone help Scottie out man. Take him away for the weekend, let him get loose on his own. He can't be seeing MJ laughing with a no like this. Not right before July 4th.