Our Sport: We Got USMNT Players Making History At The Gold Cup As Mexico Soccer Hits A New Low With This Pathetic Flop

This right here, this is the lowest Mexico soccer has ever been. I mean, hard to blame them here. They get their ass kicked by the US every single time we play them. It's hardly competitive at this point. When you haven't lost to a team in 6 matches, 3 years and outscore them 10-3 it ain't a rivalry. It's also not a rivalry when we send our C team and Jesus Ferriera turns into the greatest Gold Cup player of all time: 


Meanwhile look at that flop by Mexico! I'm not talking about the loss to Qatar, which is pathetic in its own right, I'm talking about the actual flop. One that makes Dillon Brooks jealous. One that ruins the sport of soccer. One that everyone points to about what's wrong with the sport. You may even claim Mexico is ruining the sport. Shit, it's not like we have a rival in CONCACAF anymore. 

I still don't understand the whole Gold Cup 2 weeks after Nations League thing, but whatever. We sent our C-team. Ferreria is getting some moments (don't you dare think about it, Gregg). Guys like Neal and Busio and Reynolds and Mihailovic are all getting run. Good. Just keep dominating. 

Losing to Qatar with most of your actual players playing. Sad!