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Watch This When You're High - The Denver Airport Conspiracy

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I can't believe its been 5 years since Coley wrote one of the best blogs I've ever read on this site, his "Denver Airport Conspiracy Blog".

The rabbit hole of conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver Airport might possibly be the deepest of anything on Youtube. Yes, that innocuous-looking airport nestled in the picturesque Colorado landscape has become a breeding ground for outlandish speculations and eyebrow-raising theories.

And for good reason.

First up, there's the infamous underground tunnels. According to the conspiracy theorists, these tunnels are supposedly hiding a secret bunker where the Illuminati conducts their top-secret meetings. It's a genius cover-up, really. Who would suspect that while waiting for their luggage, they are just a few feet away from a secret society plotting world domination? Bravo, Illuminati, bravo.

The artwork at the Denver Airport has also come under scrutiny. Apparently, those colorful murals and sculptures are not just innocent works of art; they are symbols of a New World Order agenda. From apocalyptic horse statues to murals depicting creepy gas-mask-wearing figures, every brushstroke and chisel mark is seen as a hidden message. 

And let's not forget the famous airport's shape. Yes, the runways and buildings supposedly form a sinister swastika-like shape when viewed from above. But before we start panicking and booking flights to Mars, let's consider the possibility that it might just be an unfortunate coincidence. I mean, who hasn't accidentally arranged their belongings in a way that accidentally resembles a malevolent symbol? It happens to the best of us. Maybe the airport architect was having a bad day and didn't realize the aerial implications of their design.

There's also the secret-not-so-secret time capsule they buried, the mysterious deaths of those involved in constructing it, and the continued additions of art. 

Why is Denver Airport adding new "art" installations to the place in the first place?

Oh, because they're in the midst of doing a FOUR BILLION dollar upgrade to the place.

Next time you fly through and aren't late for your connection, you should go explore. It's a weird place for real. But safe travels, and may your flights be free from hidden agendas and reptilian overlords.

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