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You'll Never Believe It But The Nascar Street Race Course In Chicago Was Broken Into On Saturday Night By People Trying To Street Race

Sun-Times - Charges are pending against a man who allegedly drove onto the NASCAR Chicago Street Race course on Saturday night after the day’s race was canceled early due to bad weather.

How the 46-year-old was able to get access to the race course about 9 p.m. wasn’t immediately clear, Chicago police said.

A bright yellow Corvette with red flame details could be seen stopped near Michigan Avenue and Balboa Drive after the unauthorized car was reported on the course.

No report on what this guy's time was Sun-Times? Come on. Clean it up.

If you're from Chicago good chances you woke up hearing about this on your group chats. At the beginning of the day, it was a report there was a full out, illegal, "street race" the police had to break up. Something straight out of Domenic Torretto and the boys escapades.

But as the official news stations got ahold of it, it's been reported this was two guys who were out gunning it on the straight aways head to head. And now, we're officially down to one "lone-wolf", like all good capers are brushed off as.

This fan from out of town, staying at the Congress Plaza hotel snapped a good pic from his hotel room of (one of) the arrests last night.

Whatever the case, if you didn't see this coming, you must be new around here.

Chicago is basically the wild wild west these days. Where people do whatever they want. Taking over major thoroughfares to do burn outs and street race included.

So for NASCAR to roll into town, shut down downtown effectively all week to setup this course, and think they weren't going to have to share it with the people who are really bout that life, is B-O-L-D, BOLD.

Giphy Images.

They say if you flaunt a steak in front of a hungry dog's face, don't be surprised when the dog snatches it off your plate and runs. So, if 20 random Chicago racers broke into the NASCAR track last night just to run it once and then disappear into the night, then that is one of the most legendary things I’ve ever heard.

In all honesty though, this race was really set up to be a big win for a city that, let's be honest, could kind of use one. But the fucking weather just wasn't going to allow it.

To put it lightly, the rain the past two days has been Biblical.

The course itself is fucking awesome. Everybody who had a hand in organizing this, bringing it here, and setting up this track did an awesome job.

But the rain just won't stop.

WGN - Organizers are hoping the weather cooperates Sunday for Day 2 of NASCAR in Chicago.

Torrential downpours have caused flooding issues throughout Chicago Sunday morning. Latest forecast updates here.

Gates were scheduled to open at 9 a.m. but officials tweeted that it would be delayed due to weather. They opened at 10:15 a.m.

Around 12:30 p.m. officials canceled the remainder of the Xfinity Series race and declared Cole Custer the winner.

The green flag for Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series Grant Park 220 has been moved up to 4:05 p.m.

12:41 p.m. — NASCAR has announced it is suspending the NASCAR Xfinity Series race due to weather.

Organizers released a statement that said: “With standing water and flooding a significant issue at the racetrack and throughout the city, there was no option to return to racing prior to shifting to NASCAR Cup Series race operations. Throughout the entire planning process for the Chicago Street Race, our relationship with the City of Chicago has been strong and among the most valuable assets in reaching this historic weekend. In the spirit of that partnership, returning on Monday for the completion of a NASCAR Xfinity Series event two laps short of halfway was an option we chose not to employ. Based on several unprecedented circumstances, NASCAR has made the decision to declare Cole Custer the winner of the race.”

12:30 p.m. — Sunday night’s concerts have been canceled due to water on the field. Miranda Lambert was scheduled to headline the closing night’s show.

They canceled The Chainsmokers last night

and Miranda Lambert tonight…

They tried to get the race going, but turns out shit roads + standing water don't mix well

We even had Justin Fields in the house to announce to the drivers "Start Your Engines"

We had Spider blowing out engines-

We had the most handsome Large in the 606--

And everything came together to look AWESOME with the Rubbin' boys MC'ing everything from their account and the OG Chicago guys tagging along and busting balls.

p.s. - never forget-

p.p.s. - don't you dare call me a journalist, but casually connecting the dots here…