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"Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny" Is About As Average As Movies Get

I have a few more thoughts.

-The opening action sequence of this film REALLY bogs the movie down. The Indiana Jones films are famous for having iconic openings, and I found this one to be completely subpar. It doesn't help that we see A LOT of a de-aged Harrison Ford in CGI, and it looks awful. I wouldn't have any issues with using the de-aging stuff, but it almost never looks good and takes me out of the movie every time. The movie is 2 hours and 25 minutes long, and the prologue is a solid twenty minutes. That should've been trimmed in half.

-Having a young teenage sidekick in this movie was completely unnecessary. I didn't think the actor was bad at all, but if you removed him from the film, it could've given Mangold more time to really explore the character stuff. There was enough comedic relief. Adding another character served no purpose.

-Any schmuck on YouTube saying this is the worst movie of the year is doing it solely for clicks. There's nothing hatable about this movie. You can find it underwhelming, but there's too much effort put into it for me to call it a disaster. This might sound fucked up, but part of me wishes it was a disaster. At least disasters are memorable. I'll forget about this in a week.

-One great thing about the Indy films is the iconic score, but it feels like they really underused it here. You hear it at the beginning and the end. That's it. I think it should've been more pronounced, but that's a minor complaint.

-This is not a criticism of the film, but Indy constantly saying, "I don't believe in magic," is comical. Motherfucker, YOU'VE SEEN ALIENS. At that point, accept that everything that could exist probably does.

That's all I got. See you for the next one.