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Dame Lillard Is Officially Running From The Grind: Requests A Trade From The Trail Blazers

Our NBA Twitter national nightmare may be finally coming to an end. If the first 42 blogs on Dame this week during free agency weren't enough, now he officially wants out. Nice of him to wait until day 2 of free agency so the Blazers have some time to build for Scoot. Dame saw the Blazers gave Jerami Grant $160 million and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Apparently he wants Miami or Brooklyn, and one of those make a lot more sense than the other:

Brooklyn is just Portland in the East, so what a hilarious trade that would be if he ends up in the exact same spot but now he can go to Peter Luger on the weekend instead of Voodoo Donuts or something. It sucks to be that loyal superstar that preaches the grind and the process just to eventually realize you're in absolute hell and ruining a hall-of-fame career by rotting away for a team with no promise. Twitter will have their field day with Dame and that's just the NBA, baby. Nothing better. All that just to avoid a 38 year old Bron.