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The World's Best Geographer Rainbolt Does It Again And Finds The Location Of A Photo From 20 Years Ago

I love this Rainbolt guy. Sheer goosebumps from this video. What a cool moment for that daughter who sent it in to find out where that priceless photo was taken, but how the fuck does this guy keep doing this? Dude has a whole planet stored inside his head. I'm not really sure why the FBI hasn't paid this guy infinitely more money than he can make making content. Maybe they have and he just lets those contract offers rot away on his kitchen table because he's too busy being for the common man. The best part is that his power can be used for both destruction and healing. Imagine talking shit to him and he hits you with a "I recognize that block, you'll be seeing me soon?" 

I could watch his videos for hours. I marvel at the geographical ability of a guy like KB, and then you see this guy and realize it's like watching David and Goliath. Rainbolt is the closest thing we've got to a real life superhero. With great power comes great responsibility, so let's put him to the ultimate test: where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Spend the next 7 minutes of your life watching him cook and tell me it isn't pure electricity: 

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear hoodies and use Google Maps.