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Shaun White Watched ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Without Realizing Nina Dobrev’s Character Hooks up With Literally Everyone

Watch the full interview here:

The lovely Nina Dobrev stopped by the studio to talk everything from her new movie on Netflix to her bond with Zoey Deutch, the story of a monkey biting her in Bali and everything in between. 

She mentioned that during the pandemic, while shooting a movie in Canada and borders being tight, Shaun decided to fill the time without her by watching The Vampire Diaries. That's all fine and dandy- and frankly a very cute way to show her he was missing her- until you get further into the series and realize your girlfriend's character is the love interest of many, many other characters.

From this TikTok, it seems like he was a good sport about it.

For the full breakdown listen to today's Chicks in the Office here: