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Getting Into A Brawl In The Gym Is A Great Way To Superset Some Cardio Into Your Workout

Summer is in full swing, and everybody wants to get that beach body looking tight. You can't go into the gym every day and strictly lift for bulk. You need to trim a little, you need to add some cardio into the mix. But ain't nobody want to waste 30 minutes running on a treadmill. Stationary bikes and ellipticals are for losers. Assault bikes are pretty sweet but you feel like you can't do anything for the rest of the day after using one. 

So what better way to add some high intensity cardio to the mix than getting into a quick tilt between sets? You get the heart rate pumping, you get at least 60-90 seconds of sustained tension. It's actually a great workout. Sure, you might end up getting your membership revoked and possibly find yourself in some legal trouble. But all things considered, it's the perfect workout to get yourself shredded for the beach. Why do you think boxers are always so ripped?

I honestly can't believe we don't end up seeing more fights at the gym. Not because of the cardio aspect, but just because of human nature. You figure the testosterone level of everyone in there is jacked up to the maximum level. Then combine that intensity with the anger and frustration you feel if someone is taking up literally every machine in the gym to do their circuit? It's infuriating. Bench, cables, leg press, fly machine, ab crunch machine, and an entire array of dumbbells. Pretty much everything you're looking to use that day, he has "just one more set, bro". You'd just figure we would see a few more of these pretty much every day.