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Eagles Players Are STILL Complaining And Saying The Chiefs Were Lucky That The Turf Was Slippery In The Super Bowl

OH WOW: #Eagles pass rusher Brandon Graham says the #Chiefs offensive line was “blessed” to face the #Eagles on slippery turf in Super Bowl LVII. “You need that traction to be able to get off the block and we were slipping a lot,” Graham said in a recent interview on Sports Take with Derrick Gunn & Rob Ellis, via @AroundTheNFL. 

“I don't make excuses. I just know that that's what was being talked about, us trying to get out of our own head a little bit, too.” “I'm telling you that O-line, they got blessed, I'll say that.”

The Eagles still making excuses about the Super Bowl is the pussiest thing you can actually do. I am not sure if the Eagles know this or not, but both teams played on the same exact turf! If they couldn't adjust to this while playing in the biggest game of the year, then they that's on them, the coaching staff, and the equipment managers. All I see is Philadelphia complaining all the time, making excuses they their teams fell short, and it is really sad to see because when it comes down to it, the Eagles won absolutely nothing last year. 

Whenever you go on to say I am not making excuses, you usually are always making excuses. Like if you say the turf is the reason your defense didn't get a sack and not the Chiefs offensive line, play calling, and stud QB, everyone thinks you are just making an excuse. The Eagles are just like their fans because all they do is complain despite their team being one of the best teams in the league. All I hear is about how they didn't draft Justin Jefferson even though they have one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. All I will say is Eagles fans better hope Jalen Hurts didn't just have a fluke year. They complained a lot about him too because he couldn't throw the deep ball before he was surrounded with All World talent. The main point of this blog is the Philadelphia fans whine a ton.