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Safety Tip: The People Trolling Alec Baldwin for Complaining About His Flight Getting Delayed Need to Back Off

Roy Rochlin. Getty Images.

There's a line in Hoosiers when the guy who played adult asshole in every '80s movie (the teenage asshole roles were a monopoly owned by William Zabka) tells Coach Dale that there's two kinds of crazy. "The guy that gets naked and runs out in the snow and barks at the moon. And guy who does the same thing in my living room." Which used to be true. But now there's a whole new standard for crazy. The Alec Baldwin Crazy. 

It's worth mentioning again an old genius idea of Adam Carolla's, which was that instead of Homeland Security issuing a color-coded Terrorism Threat Level nobody understands, they should name the levels after the Baldwin brothers, in order of how dangerously crazy they are. And I believe he had Alec second highest, right after Stephen. But don't quote me. 

Anyway, we may want to revisit that list given recent events. Whereas Alec's crazy was once limited to more simple, unhinged displays of reckless behavior and insane aggressiveness over mundane things like fighting over a Manhattan parking space, his dangerous nuttiness has escalated. More to the point, he's gotten away with it:

Which brings us to today:

Source - Alec Baldwin is fed up with flight delays!

The Rust actor took to Instagram to vent about his 7-hour delay on an unnamed domestic airline.

"[Six] and 1/2 hours on a plane, sitting at the gate, waiting to fly NEWARK to VANCOUVER.No end in sight," he captioned his first post of two, which both feature selfies that clearly show Baldwin's exasperation. He added the hashtag "#HowWillGlobalWarmingEffectAirTravel." 

In his second post, he wrote, "Why are US airlines so s----y? Sitting here for 7 and 1/2 hours."

The posts were met with a mix of responses from fans: Some dragging the star for complaining publicly about the universal woes of air travel, and others backing him up and sharing their own flight nightmares. 

"Imagine how the folks feel in economy," one follower posted.

"Fly private. You got the loot. Cry me a river," another replied.

"Lifestyle of the rich and the famous. Always complaining! Always complaining!," a third critic commented. While another wrote, "Maybe they care about your safety" alongside a shrugging emoji. 

A few things about this. First, the state of contemporary air travel will test the limits of even the most stoic among us. Marcus Aurelius himself would snap after being locked into an aluminum tube filled with sweaty fat guys, crying babies and service animals, wedged into a seat and breathing their recycled air while the captain mumbles sing-songy nonsense about waiting to hear from the tower so we can be underway shortly. Or whatever they say to placate you. Never mind for 7 1/2 hours. 

Second, and more importantly, why would anyone want to poke this bear? Of all the people in the world, there's one guy you do not taunt, and it's Alec Baldwin. Need I remind anyone he shot two people, killed one, and is facing zero criminal charges. Not even a misdemeanor. Not even as much as an OSHA violation for not following basic safety guidelines. Even though he's producing the movie and responsible for what goes on there. Hell, they just went back to the set to complete filming.

You or I could shoplift a pine tree car freshener out of the Mobile station and face greater criminal jeopardy than him. So you can't tell me he's not feeling pretty invincible at this point. You know that part in Batman Begins when Bruce Wayne confronts the mob boss in his own restaurant, and the guy puts a gun in his face and explains he could blow his brains out right in front of all these witnesses and never get charged? That's Baldwin right now. 

But his air of invincibility isn't about to make him calm down any. Inside he's got to be the same rageaholic he's always been. His emotional engine running on the redline at all times, ready to blow at the slightest provocation. All those public fights. The weirdness surrounding his wife from Boston passing herself off as Spanish, with an accent that comes and goes at will. The shooting investigation, even if it went nowhere and he's skated. Now add into that mix the usual dystopian horror that is commercial aviation right now, and this is a man who needs no online bullying right now. For the sake of the next jet full of his fellow passengers, give Baldwin a good leaving alone. 


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