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Celtics Fans Everywhere Are Now Holding Their Collective Breath After It's Announced That Kristaps Porzingis Is Playing In The FIBA World Cup

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I've always been someone who never had a problem with guys playing for their coutry whether that was the Olympics of any FIBA competition, especially the international guys. I accepted a long time ago that if given the chance, these guys will almost always choose to represent their country. All you can do is simply hope and pray they come out healthy.

The reason this news is probably a little triggering for Celts fans is simply because of what happened last summer during the FIBA EuroBasket. After signing Danilo Gallinari to be the reserve stretch 4 that the Celts clearly needed after losing to the Warriors in the Finals, this happened

And it wasn't good. A torn ACL cost Gallo his season and we were forever robbed of enjoying this song whenever he did anything remotely awesome

Well now here we are 1 year later folks. I understand there's no way Brad and the team could go to Porzingis and forbid him from playing, my guess is they already knew he was going to play when they made the trade. But you're lying to yourself if you aren't going to be stressed as hell for every second he's on the floor. Call it PTSD if you want, but that's just the facts. It goes without saying how disastrous it would be for the Celts to have a Gallo 2.0 situation on their hands this season. I feel comfortable in saying that would be a tad more impactful than not having Gallo for the year.

So you know the drill. Everyone needs to join forces and collectively pray from August 25th through September 10th, because the Celts title hopes pretty much depend on Porzingis coming out of the FIBA World Cup healthy.