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Jennifer Lawrence Is Denying Cheating with Liam Hemsworth- Do We Believe It?

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Sounds like JLaw would like to be excluded from the Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth breakup narrative.

She addressed the rumors this week on Watch What Happens Live (cough cough great show, Ria & I may or may not be guest bartending on the show tonight).

"It's not true. Total rumor."

Since Miley Cyrus's Flowers music video where Miley wore a very similar dress to the one that JLaw wore to a Hunger Games premiere, rumors swirled that she and Hemsworth had a hidden romantic relationship during the filming of the movies.

I can see why people would say it's a dig at JLaw, but I don't know… Seems like shaky ground to stand on if that's all the evidence you've got. Also these rumors were circulating when the music video was released in January. It's been so long that the people who fully believed the cheating rumors probably have it engrained in their brains. Nothing is changing their minds.

Lawrence did say that they did actually kiss once years after Miley and Liam split and that was it. I feel like if she was really guilty, she wouldn't have been so quick to give that detail up.


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