Fall Out Boy Released An Updated Version Of 'We Didn't Start The Fire' Covering Everything That's Happened Since 1989

What a surprise drop on a Wednesday!

Fall Out Boy just released a cover of Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start The Fire' with updated/rewritten lyrics to cover everything that's gone down since the original release in 1989 - and if you're askin me, they knocked it out of the fucking park. 

Production wise, they just pop-rock-ified the song and gave it a modern sound, with some heavier guitars/harder drums, and reference wise, we got shoutouts to everything from Captain Planet, to MySpace, to Twilight, to deep fakes, to Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, to Balloon Boy (remember Balloon Boy?), to Kanye/Taylor Swift, to Michael Jordan (wearing 23 and the 4-5), and more! It's not in chronological order like the original, though, so everything's a bit all over the place. Take a look yourself....

How has nobody down this before?!

They do a great job of mentioning all the fun nostalgic stuff that'll have you going full Rick Dalton….

….but they also stay true to the original and mention all the bad newsworthy items too, WITHOUT getting too preachy on us or anything. Just a quick mention, and then they move on.

Did Fall Out Boy reinvent the wheel here? Nah - obviously not. Despite the lyrical changes it's a pretty faithful cover.

That being said, they sure as hell gave us a fun Summer banger with 'We Didn't Start The Fire (2023)', and I'm sure this'll make its way into their live setlist soon….

P.S. If you're a Chicago person, you gotta love how many Chi-Town references they snuck in there, right? "Cubs go all the way again" is a banger of a line.