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Jason Kelce Adds Another Win To His Illustrious Career, Absolutely Dominates Philly Sports Radio Host In A Beer Chug Off

John Daly. Wade Boggs. Jason Kelce. 

I think that's the list right there for the greatest dual-threat athlete + beer drinkers there ever were. Obviously there have been players in their respective sports who were better on the field than they ever were. I'm sure there have been players in their respective sports who were better beer drinkers than they were (though I'm pretty sure they'd all drink themselves out of a job). But as far as putting the two together? It doesn't get better than those 3. 

John Daly won 2 Majors and can kill an entire case of cold ones on the front 9. Wade Boggs won a World Series in 1996 and once drank 107 beers in a day. Jason Kelce won a Super Bowl and just DOMINATED a Philly sports radio host in a chug-off down the Jersey Shore at 9 in the morning. 30oz in under 6 seconds. For all you analytics nerds out there, that's over 5oz per second. Those are Hall of Fame numbers.

Poor Seltzer had to throw in the towel before he could even finish his mug. Just complete and total domination from the greatest athlete this city has ever seen. I'd be 100% down with replacing the Rocky Statue with a statue of Kelce one day, and I spent a week in the freezing cold defending that statue overnight during the Super Bowl LII run. 

By the way, it's moments like these that give me hope for the next generation of Eagles fans to come through the city. Love to see some little kids making a stop into The Ocean Drive at 9am to watch a beer chug-off. Now they know what greatness looks like, and the standard has been set. 

P.S. -- The whole reason why Jason Kelce is at The Ocean Drive in Sea Isle right now in the first place is for his 3rd annual guest bartending fundraiser for the Eagles Autism Foundation. The beer chugging is great, but the cause is even better. It goes from 4-8pm tonight so if you're in the Sea Isle area, make your way over.