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Gus Malzahn Says He Is Sick Of Florida, Miami, And Florida State Being "The Big Three" In The State Of Florida When UCF Has Outperformed Them All

"You, here, think about the Big Three," Malzahn said of Florida, Miami and Florida State. "It's time for the Big Four. You look at the last six, eight years, we've been, as good or better as any of those other programs."


Look I don't want it to seem like I'm attacking the UCF football program with my second blog calling them out in the past two days. Lions do not concern themselves with sheep. However I cannot just sit here and allow a nobody within the realm of college football try and insert themselves into the upper class. The fact of the matter is that despite weaker than usual seasons recently, Florida, Florida State, and The U are lightyears ahead of UCF on reputation alone. And it's going to take a whole lot more than  "the last six, eight years" to change that.

First of all, let's get our facts straight, Gus. UCF went 6-7 seven seasons ago. And they went 0-12 eight seasons ago. So what you're really talking about is the last 6 years, in which UCF went 59-17 and won the Peach Bowl once and the Gaspirilla Bowl twice. I will admit that's pretty good, but also you have to admit that's not exceptionally great. Not enough to jump in with the big boys, that's for sure. 

And second of all, even in the very best stretch UCF could imagine and the worst half decade Florida has had in a very long time, I'm still not sure you could say UCF has been that much better. Yes, by record, UCF won a few more games. But think about who they have to play from week to week. Think if UCF had to replace Temple and UCONN with Georgia and Tennessee. Probably that alone would give Florida the better record. And Florida also won the Peach Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and the SEC East. Just saying, I'd take Florida in a best of five over the last 5 years if they matched up....

At the end of the day, I get what Gus Malzahn is doing and trying to ignite excitement for his program and jump tiers in recruiting, I just disagree with him. He's been the coach of UCF for two years, going 8-4 and finishing 3rd in the AAC, and going 9-3 and finishing second. No, that's not the ACC, that's the AAC. So while you're out here acting like UCF is a premier team now, it's on the shoulders of the Scott Frosts and Josh Heupels of the world, not you. Put your head down and turn in your own special season, or ten more, and then we'll talk about a Big Four in Florida. There's probably a better chance it becomes a Big 2 before it becomes a Big 4...