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Joel Dahmen Is About To Be Bullied Into Buying Fans A Beer At The Rocket Mortgage Classic This Week Thanks To An Old Tweet And The Lions

Rules are rules here so I use bullying a bit loose in the headline. You can't say you're going to do something on Twitter and then assume people will forget. That's not how that app works. You get one thing wrong, you say one thing, you make 1 promise and the next thing you know you're battling lightning strikes while chained because of the White Sox. Or in Joel Dahmen's case you're about to buy fans a beer at the course this week: 

I know it likely won't happen or if it does it will be some sponsored event. But Joel Dahmen is an all-time vibes guy and on the verge of proving he'd do anything for his beloved Seahawks. You go and help them win a game, he's going to buy you a beer. That's the kind of juju the Seahawks need going into the season and more importantly this is the type of juju Dahmen needs this week. He missed the last three cuts, including the US Open and last week's Travelers. Get the mind right, get some good juju and we're looking at a top-40 here. That's a +250 top-40 on the Barstool Sportsbook mind you. 

Again, this is how Twitter works. You put something out there, especially promising free beer and people are going to remember. I saw more than a couple people remind him about it on Twitter today and now it caught the official Rocket Mortgage Classic account. Enjoy those beers, Detroit.