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Taylor Swift Declined To Go On Meghan Markle's Podcast Because She Has Taste

Meghan Markle shot for the stars trying to book guests for her soon-to-be-extinct podcast, but maybe the biggest one in the U.S. wasn't impressed enough to bite the bait.

Taylor Swift politely declined Meghan's request to have a chit-chat on her "Archetypes" podcast ... according to the Wall Street Journal.

The M.O. of the podcast was to discuss challenges and stereotypes facing women ... something Taylor has addressed in the past ... but Meghan's venue clearly wasn't enticing enough.

I'm not sure how this one slipped past my radar two days ago but as usual, I'm thrilled with Taylor for this decision. I flip flop on Meghan Markle because of my soft spot for the royals. I think it was good that she brought Harry into the real world, away from the shelter of this weird life he had before, but I also think she had selfish intentions with it. They love each other, sure, but she also loves having 20 million dollars for a podcast that nobody ever listened to. 

If Taylor Swift went on, of course I would listen. I also know that Taylor would bury Meghan unintentionally. Megan is so, and I mean SO, full of shit 100% of the time. Watching that Netflix special was torture, only because she was so clearly "putting on a show." She's an actress first and foremost, there's very little that's "real" about her. Extremely manufactured. Taylor cuts right through the drama any chance she gets, and I actually think Meghan would drown trying to interview someone who wouldn't be into "playing along" and trashing the crown. If the show wasn't already cancelled, it would be after Meghan botched an interview with Taylor Swift.