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Chivalry Ain't Dead: Lady Byng Award Finalist Jack Hughes Leads The NHL In Holding Doors For Ladies

Bruce Bennett. Getty Images.

Jack Hughes just wrapped up the best season of his 4-year NHL career so far. He finished the year by setting the Devils franchise record for most points in a season with 43 goals and 56 assists. He finished top 10 in Hart Trophy voting, and was at the NHL Awards as a finalist for the Lady Byng which is given to the player "adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability". Unfortunately he finished 2nd in voting for the Lady Byng behind Anze Kopitar, but if we run through the numbers again then it's clear as the day is long that Jack Hughes is the most gentlemanly man in the league. 

You think there's another player in the league who will hold as many doors for as many ladies? Think again, pal. Jack Hughes is the Connor McDavid of holding doors for ladies. If you're in the Newark area and you are a lady, chances are you haven't had to open a single door for yourself in the past 4 years. 

The way I see holding the door for a lady is pretty similar to putting your shopping cart back at the grocery store. Do I think that putting your shopping cart back inherently makes you a good person? Not necessarily. I'm sure there are some shitty people who will still put their carts away. But does not putting your shopping cart away inherently make you a gigantic piece of shit? Absolutely it does. So if you're not holding the door for a lady, you're a piece of shit. And that could never be Jack Hughes, because this dude prides himself on his door holding abilities like the absolute stallion he is. 

Sidenote: We do, as a society, need to come up with a universal cut off point for how far away someone needs to be to hold the door open for them. I think 15 feet should be the cut off. Once someone is beyond that 15-foot mark, it puts them in that awkward situation where they either need to jog to get to the door as to not inconvenience you for holding it, or they need to continue at their current place and make you hold the door for what feels like an eternity.