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The Damian Lillard Saga Refuses To End And It Has To Be Absolute Hell For Blazers Fans

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Alright, raise your hand if you are beyond tired of the seemingly never-ending Damian Lillard saga.

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You may then be asking, Greenie, if you're so sick of it why the hell do you continue to blog about it? Well for starters, it's basically the biggest story we have in the NBA right now as we prepare for free agency, and as long as there are updates that aren't really updates but are put out as updates, we have to talk about it. 

This round all stems from this meeting that apparently went down yesterday

We heard rumors about how Dame was reportedly pissed that the Blazers actually used the #3 pick and didn't flip it, so could this be the moment? Were we finally going to be freed from this rumor hell and actually get a Dame trade request?

Of course we fucking didn't

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I mean, if we were all being honest with ourselves this was the outcome everyone should have expected for no other reason than this is how it always goes. Instead, we got reports of "dream scenarios" from Dame which don't really seem all that possible

Add in all the potential damage control Dame's side also leaked yesterday

and at this point is there a single person who follows the NBA that isn't sick of this whole dance? Dame wants out, Dame wants to stay, Dame will stay but only if this extremely unrealistic thing happens, Dame wants to leave but not if it means joining a superteam, around and around and around we go!

If you thought things would then die down today, not so fast my friend! Windy is back with another "update"

Oh for fucks sake

"Doesn't want to put pressure on the Blazers"

Uhhhhhh…..isn't that EXACTLY what Dame is doing? The pressure is ya know, telling the Blazers they either do something in free agency to move the needly or Dame is asking out. You know how you alleviate pressure? You tell the Blazers they don't need to do anything, that you're staying and are down to help mold and develop Scoot Henderson. Simply saying

"You better deliver in free agency or else"

is the very definition of putting pressure on the Blazers. Am I missing something here? I have a moron brain so that's entirely possible, but I don't think I am. Also, "give them time in free agency" is a little weird, because as soon as we get to July 1st, any player that even remotely moves the needle has a decision in the first 30 seconds. In fact, you bet you ass Shams/Woj already have the drafts of what everyone is doing because teams absolutely do not wait until July 1st to negotiate. So really, is this Dame giving the Blazers like 4 days before we get another update that isn't an update?

As annoying as this might be for all of us who are not Blazers fans to have to hear, I just can't imagine what this is like if you actually do root for the Blazers. This isn't just any random guy, this is Dame. Arguably the best player in franchise history. All this back and forth each and every year, all the rumors, all the trolling, all the reports that aren't reports, it has to be so taxing. You know that feeling you get whenever you see Woj/Shams/Haynes put out a tweet that involves your favorite team? Your heart skips a beat for a second until you read the whole thing. Now imagine that happening basically every day for Blazers fans and Dame. That shit wears on you. At some point you just say fuck it, turn your key and ask for the trade so everyone can just move on. 

The insane thing is that even if Dame sticks it out and doesn't get moved this summer, guess what everyone will be doing this time next year? The exact same thing. Unless the Blazers win a ring or Dame finally asks to be traded, this is basically going to be the offseason for every year of his career from here on out. It's never going to die. Signing max extensions didn't kill it, year after year of never demanding a trade didn't do it. Those two things are literally the only thing that I think stops this insane cycle.

Can't wait for our next update!