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Dr. Aaron Craft Hung Up The Stethoscope For A Second To Give People Buckets In The Kingdom League

Don't just show us his buckets!!! Show us him relentlessly harassing the other teams point guard 75 feet from the hoop and then diving on the floor to save the ball from going out of bounds, ending up in a bucket for his team....because I know that happened, too.

Listen I'm fully aware that this is probably a non-story for the 49 other states in this beautiful country, but this is front page news in the great state of Ohio. There might not be a more universally beloved human being inside the Buckeye State than one Aaron Craft. And for good reason, as he perfectly embodies what it means to be from Ohio: smart, gritty, humble, and beats everyone else through good old fashioned hard work. Not to mention that the rest of us midwestern average sized white guys were able to watch him on TV and think we had a chance at playing for the Buckeyes.

Giphy Images.

So yes, it's brings me great nostalgia to see Aaron dominating on the court again, as it's been a few years since he hung up sneakers for the scrubs.

Pause in the story for a hilarious reply from Fran Fraschilla:

Honestly, he probably would've taken two early charges on Covid (one from great helpside defense, and one from moving his feet on the ball and taking a blow to the chest with his hands up) and the virus would've had to sit for the rest of the half. Might not have solved it, but Covid wouldn't have gone for 768 million cases on Craft, I can guarantee you that.

Anyways, now I have two things to add to my To Do List:

1.) Get tickets for the Kingdom League next week

2.) Check in and see how close Aaron Craft is to graduation because that's my Primary Doctor the day he finishes med school