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LSU Won The National Championship But One Tiger Fan Got Rejected By A Smokeshow On National TV

If you're going to strikeout, at least go down swinging! 

Listen, I know this guy took a massive L on national television, but I do respect his effort. He probably had too many jello shots before the game at Rocco's, watched the Tigers go up 10-2 with the game in hand, and decided to try and shoot his shot with the smokeshow sitting next to him. You'll never know if you don't try. The only problem was she was either:

1.) A Florida fan 

2.) Taken

3.) Just simply out of his league

Whatever it was, the entire country got to see her response.

"Uh, Neaux Tiger"

This truly is a cinematic masterpiece. In just 7 seconds, you can see the entire event unfold in ways that movie directors can't fit into two hour motion pictures. He tries his best line. She sticks her hand up and says no. He then points to himself and back at her saying oh come on, give it a chance! She then points to the field and says we're at the fucking national championship, sending this guy home 1-1 on the night.

**Also, shoutout to cameramen worldwide that keep getting us incredible moments like this simply because they just film the hottest girls in the stands. Tip of the cap.