The Skarsgard Bros Are Reportedly On The Short List To Play Lex Luthor In 'Superman: Legacy'

The relationship between the Skarsgard Bros. and Warner Bros. has to factor in to this, not to mention Alexander and Bill are phenomenal at playing villainous characters.

Just so I don't have to go back and forth restating the last name Skarsgard, let's break down their merits separately. Alexander Skarsgard has played a key part in not one. Not two. Three hit HBO shows. The most recent was Succession, where he plays a tech billionaire. Sounds a lot like Lex Luthor! He's 46 and those added years would make him an interesting counterpoint to Superman.

Then you have Bill Skarsgard, whose shape-shifting countenance, intense physicality and consistently surprising, dynamic acting choices make him a great fit for a younger Lex. He's had plenty of experience playing antagonists, including the last John Wick pic, but his best work to date was for Warner Bros. as Pennywise in the very profitable It movies.

You can't really go wrong with either of the Skarsgards for Lex in Superman: Legacy. It just depends what writer-director James Gunn is looking for in the role. There may be another actor or two on the short list who we haven't heard about as well. Regardless, it's exciting to be this close to some major casting news around one of the more highly anticipated comic book projects of late.

Among other key details to emerge from that THR exclusive: The screen tests for Clark Kent and Lois Lane happened last weekend, and the gents who were finalists for Supes donned the spandex opposite Lois contender Emma Mackey.

"Gunn, according to sources, assembled three actors and three actresses for Superman and Lane, respectively, and on Saturday, the first day of the testing, the actors were seen in predetermined pairs: Nicholas Hoult and Rachel Brosnahan; Tom Brittney and Phoebe Dynevor; and David Corenswet and Emma Mackey. They were given several scenes to film, in which the males were in makeup and wardrobe as Daily Planet reporter Kent while the females were plucky journalist Lane.

"Then on Sunday, Hoult, Brittney and Corenswet did another series of screen tests, this time in costume as Superman. Interestingly, only Mackey was brought in that day to portray Lane opposite the actors.

"Sources caution that just because Mackey segued into the second day does not mean she is the front-runner for Lane, although it may be hard not to draw that conclusion."

As mentioned the last time I covered this movie, I'm firmly in the camp of wanting David Corenswet as Clark/Superman, with Mackey getting the edge as Lois. 

The report may say don't read too much into Mackey sticking around for Sunday's tests with the Supermen. IDK. I'm gonna let my hopes get up a little bit. Bodes well that she was initially paired with Corenswet. I'd be stunned if it ain't him.

Speculation is swirling about whether or not Nicholas Hoult would put himself in the running for Lex if he doesn't get the lead. I don't blame him for holding out on that until DC Studios decides who the next Superman will be. The Batman was down to Hoult and Robert Pattinson to take over the cape and cowl, so maybe he'll get this DC hero. Would be kinda rough to lose out on both those iconic characters so deep into the casting process.

Oyyyy though. Alexander, Bill or Hoult for Lex Luthor?? That's a tough call. I'd personally lean Alexander, and I think the studio will go with him as the choice. Since Superman is already going to be, well, Superman and other superheroes will exist in this world, per THR, a slightly aged-up Lex makes more sense.

Whispers I have a dark horse. Glenn Howerton just delivered one of the most venomous acting performances I've seen in a while in that BlackBerry movie. Watch the clip below and tell me this man can't play Lex Luthor.

FWIW, Howerton is 47 — less than a year older than Alexander Skarsgard. I'd get Howerton on the horn or in the mix or however the fuck you want to articulate it if I were James Gunn/DC Studios/WBD. Just saying.

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