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Last Call! A Baton Rouge Lawyer Bought $44,000 Worth Of Rally Jello Shots On The Final Day Of The College World Series

Jesus Christ. Over $40,000 worth of jello shots? LSU's shot total has to be nearing Florida's run total from yesterday....

Okay, I'm sorry. I had to make one joke, but at the end of the day, this story is fucking awesome. It has to be so cool to be:

1.) This guy. Buying a round of 9,000 shots has to be a feeling like no other, but buying a round of 9,000 RALLY SHOTS is a whole different tier in itself. LSU by a million tonight on vibes alone. Anyone who comes in with purple and gold on is drinking on his tab, and he's probably even got Florida fans crossing into enemy territory for free drinks. The mojo has to be in favor of the Tigers tonight after a move like this. Forget riding in the parade, give this man a ring when they win.

2.) An LSU fan down in Omaha these past 10 days. What an absolute party. The old record was 18,000 shots purchased by Ole Miss, and as of last count at 3:00 pm, LSU is at 57,000 purchased.

The only thing that sucks is this challenge is flat out dead moving forward. I'm sure the bar will still be hopping and people will enjoy buying shots for their team, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to be able to break this record unless Princeton makes the College World Series and Jeff Bezos buys the whole fucking jello industry.