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The Undertaker And Mick Foley Watch Back Their Classic Hell In A Cell Match For Its 25th Anniversary

Every now and then, the WWE adds to this awesome "Playback" series (where a couple wrestlers will go back and watch one of their classic matches together, providing some commentary) and today, they uploaded one where The Undertaker and Mick Foley rewatch their infamous 'Hell in a Cell' match from the King of the Ring PPV in 1998.

If you've never seen it, this is one of the craziest matches in the history of the wrestling business. Mankind and The Undertaker begin the brawl on the top of the Hell in a Cell cage, Mankind gets thrown off (and later through) the cage, there's chairshots, multiple bumps into thumbtacks by the end, etc. It's legitimately batshit crazy and might've taken years off Foley's life. 

It's tough to try to rank it among the best "matches" in wrestling history, considering how unique it feels from anything else we've ever seen, but as far as pure "spectacles" go in the wrestling business - it doesn't get better than this. Nothing is more brutal, more shocking, more awe-inspiring, or more legendary still to this day.

You'll never get a shot like this in wrestling again….

As Foley and Taker discuss in this video, this is the kind of match you could show to a non-fan to hook them on wrestling; it's one where you just know the legacy of what they did on that night will live on well beyond any of us. Hell, I've seen it probably a hundred times in my life and STILL rushed to click this 'Playback' installment the second it showed up in my subscriptions. 

If you're a wrestling fan, give this a watch. I think you'll love it.

P.S. Here's five fun facts about the match that you may not know….

-The Undertaker came into the match with a broken foot.

-Mick Foley was (and still is) afraid of heights.

-After the chokeslam through the cage, Taker legitimately thought Foley might've been dead and had Terry Funk check his pulse.

-Foley's tooth went through his upper lip and lodged into his nose for the last half of the match.

-Mankind's night wasn't over after this, and he made a run-in during the night's main event: Stone Cold vs Kane.