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NASA Reveals That They Can Now Turn 98% of Human Pee Into Drinking Water

Is it me or is NASA supposed to be doing shit in space? The only thing I know about NASA is that they are really smart space people and once had Quigs, who makes memes for Barstool Sports, as their intern.  I am sure this is good for the environment or whatever but they just don't need to tell us all this information. When I drink water I think it comes from the most clean pond in the entire world or a lake. Now I gotta think about if this was once someone's urine? 

I just wish they kept this to themselves. The beauty of this world is that when I drink or eat something I don't have any clue where it has been or what it exactly is. This is why I don't research anything because the more you are clueless to the mysteries of the world the more carefree you can go about your day.  I bet that half the food you eat you would be disgusted where it comes from. Also who is the sicko from NASA who even thought to try the pee as a water source? At some point you know that he tried a little of his pee and that really upsets me to think about.