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Chael Sonnen Claims Mark Zuckerberg Called Him Personally To Tell Him He Agreed To Fight Elon Musk at UFC 300

ZUCKERBERG WANTS ALL THE SMOKE! Could Chael be bullshitting? 1000%. Could he be telling the truth? I also wouldn’t put it past him. 

For those who don't know Mark Zuckerberg has been training jiu-jitsu for a few years now and apparently has been waiting to call a mother fucker out. Dana White is down. Apparently Zuckerberg is down and talking dates close to a year in advance? Based on UFC PPV structure there’s 1 per month (sometimes 2 in July) which would put UFC 300 in April 2024. Plenty of time for Elon to prepare. 

According to their reported sizes Elon has Zuckerberg by 5+ inches and 50 pounds. With that size, time to prepare and the access to world class training, Elon‘s got plenty enough time to close to gap in skill and kick Zuckerberg‘s ass. Will he accept the challenge and take some time away from Tesla and twitter to prep for a cage fight between two of the richest men on planet earth? Only time will tell. But if this goes down, I genuinely believe it would be the most watched PPV combat sporting event of all time. The current record is Mayweather vs Pacquiao that did over 4.6 million PPV buys. Musk v Zuckerberg headlining UFC 300 would blow that out of the water. Not to mention Dana would put together an insane card of fights between some of the best MMA fighters the world has to offer. I’d imagine multiple title fights to go along with the “richest fight of all-time.” That should be the tagline right there. Without question to two richest men to ever exchange fists. Incredible.

Everyone is always so negative about how shitty the world/America is now than how it was years ago and in a lot of ways they’re definitely right, but come on. I think we can all agree this would be awesome. In 1975 this is the plot to a movie that never gets made because its so preposterous. In 2024, it may be reality.