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Ho-Hum 36th Birthday For Messi - Scored A Hat Trick In The First Half In His Hometown, Entire City Goes Crazy Celebrating His Birthday

We're about a month away from Messi taking over the MLS and meanwhile, yeah, still got it. Dude turned 36 on Saturday, went back to his hometown for a little good bye match for Maxi Rodriguez and dominated. Say what you want about the competition but still just showing up and getting a hat trick in the first half ain't too shabby. 

Needless to say Messi is king in Rosario: 

This is what happens when you're the best player in this era AND bring a World Cup back to Argentina. Meanwhile you have this guy going viral during Inter Miami's match: 

Am I supposed to feel bad for this guy? Because I don't. Hey man, everyone in the world knows Messi isn't playing until July. There's this new invention called the Internet that you could even use to figure it out. I'm sure his plan was to go viral, get some sympathy and snake free tickets to when Messi plays. I don't hate the game, but come on, no one can fall for this. Nobody should travel that far without making sure plans are concrete. We're not talking load management situation here, we're talking common sense. 

Messi is going to own Miami. Yeah he's 36, but the man can still play. Not sure how he'll figure out FC Cincinnati, but he should be just fine over here.