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Decent Run For Sandro Tonali - His Girlfriend Juliette Pastore Declares Summer Mood On After He Gets A $7 Million Per Year Deal From Newcastle

Nice little run here for Sandro Tonali. Dude is 23 years old, coming off a good year for AC Milan and just signed a long term deal with Newcastle. Shit getting paid over $7 million per year to do anything, especially play a sport for a career, is a good enough run. But it's more than just that. He's an Italian soccer player which means he has an attractive girlfriend, who more importantly just declared her summer mood: 

I don't know exactly what summer mood on means, but it appears to be a good look! Smart to way after June 21 to declare it too, that's when summer officially starts. I don't make the rules, but that's what the calendar always says whenever you open one of them. Then again if my boyfriend was part of the largest transfer deal out of AC Milan ever, I'd be in a good mood too. Hard not to be, even if you look great in an AC Milan jersey: 

It's not like she's just laying around during the summer too. She apparently has her own fashion company. But this is about summer mood being on. There's something about being able to flip to summer that always is awesome, no matter your age. I mean sure there are downfalls as an adult. You don't get out of school, you might have kids running around you have to care about, but being able to golf or go to the pool. Huge win. Not as nice as $7 million per year, but still a win. 

Anyways, go say hi to Juliette