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Outscoring The Rockies 32-12 And Still Managing To Lose The Series? Only The Angels

Such a bizarre weekend for the Angels out in Colorado this weekend. Not only did they absolutely WOMP the Rockies on Saturday, 25-1, they also did something only the Angels could do. They outscored the Rockies by 20 runs, 32-12…..and lost the series. 

Saturday's game was incredible. Being up 23-0 after four innings is something/ An all-time beating at the hands of the Angels, but then you realize that they still lost the series despite outscoring Colorado by 20. Hilarious, actually hilarious. What would you rather do? Win by 24 or take 2/3 in a series? Only the Angels man. 

I had flashbacks to the 30-3 game between the Orioles and Rangers back in 2007, I was realllllly hoping that would be pushed down to the second biggest blowout but alas, we got to see another classic Angels series. You just knew the second they won on Saturday night they'd find a way to let all the wind out of their sails. We read that like a book. Now you can't even really brag about winning by 3 Tds and a FG because you lost the series to a god awful team. And that is why the Angels will always be the Angels and NO ONE is going to take them seriously. 

PS. How great must it have felt for Mike Moustakas who was traded across the hallway directly after losing by 24. Like right when the game went final it was announced that he was going to the Angels. Probably couldn't have packed his stuff up any quicker and sprinted down the hall.