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This Pizza Shop Having Warning Posters For A Potential Dave Portnoy Appearance Is The Smartest Move Ever

What a move by this pizza shop in checks notes Somerville, Mass. I've been on plenty of pizza review trips with bossman and there's generally some top of the line, proprietary, Krabby Patty secret procedure that goes into getting a pie at its most natural form. That makes this move so genius because there's absolutely zero way Portnoy doesn't wait around if he sees his face plastered on the wall like he's Top 10 Most Wanted at the post office. Can you blame them in a potential life or death situation for wanting Chuck or Sebby to get their hands on the dough before some random high school kid they pay minimum wage to work the graveyard shifts? I definitely won't, but I want to know what magic sauce Chuck and Sebby are cooking over there. 

Typical protocol is to stay outside of the shop with the camera so you don't walk into a private establishment guns blazing, but we need the camera rolling the second he steps into this place. Just going to be sheer pandemonium in that place when they're like "holy shit is that the guy?" 

Hopefully boss man makes his way out to Somerville to give these guys a shot soon because it's going to be scenes. Chuck and Sebby might not let him leave. Apparently this is a stone's throw away from Boston, so maybe bring Kyrie too after the 1 on 1 and show him the small business savior that David is? We can dream.