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The Crowd Picking Up A Struggling Lewis Capaldi Over The Weekend In The UK Is The Most Beautiful Video You'll See Today

Holy shit who is cutting onions man? Lewis Capaldi was on stage at Glastonbury this weekend in the UK and he was clearly struggling with losing his voice, tics taking over, and overall fatigue from a rigorous tour schedule. The crowd understood the assignment and I'm not crying, you are. This is what music is all about. Just absolutely brilliant stuff from 210,000 fans to pick him up in a dark moment and in turn we get this beautiful video. The roar of the crowd to cheer him on and then immediately singing word for word was just special. Festival crowds abroad are just a different breed. There's a couple angry commenters online who are talking about how it's a waste of money to not even see the artist perform and those are people you don't want to associate with. What a memorable experience for everyone in the crowd which is far more invaluable than had if things gone according to plan.

This was Capaldi's first performance since he took a short break due to the mental and physical toll caused by tour:

It's easy to overlook artists as just performers and not actual humans, so all the respect in the world to someone as big as Lewis to come out and be vulnerable too. It takes an unfathomable amount of courage to go on stage for 10 people, let alone hundreds of thousands and to be able to be your true self. May this type of compassion surround someone who is struggling always because what a moment this must have been for him and I hope he takes the time he needs. Faith restored in humanity for the time being.