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Victor Wembanyama Making David Robinson (7'1) Look Small Is A Bit Of A Mindfuck

PATRICK T. FALLON. Getty Images.

Once we learned that the Spurs benefitted from Adam Silver and the NBA rigging the Lottery for them won the Wembanyama Sweepstakes, it's hard to argue that in theory, this is probably the best place for him. The history with French players, Pop being there to mentor and help start his career off right, and the low pressure of the SA market, it really is about as ideal a situation as you could ask for a franchise savior to fall into. 

You also get the benefit of all the legends of the franchise being able to help Wembanyama as he enters this new phase of his life. There's something to be said about having a solid support system when you have the type of hype and level of expectations as Wemby does, so getting together with all the Spurs legends is pretty cool to see

First of all, there are things in life that make you feel old as shit, and for me, it's looking at that picture. I know, people get older as time goes by but even still. That picture is weird as shit to see everyone so old. The fact that Tim Duncan even showed up to this thing is notable because I'm pretty sure he doesn't want any sort of attention ever, and it feels like just yesterday we were all watching this

but the age of these guys wasn't the shocking part. The shocking part was looking at David Robinson. Yeah, we all know Wemby is tall as shit. But you really don't truly get the perspective of just how fucking giant this dude is until a picture like this. David Robinson is 7'1!! That's right. Seven foot one. Does that look like a 7'1 guy to you? 

With Duncan, he looks a little taller despite being 6'11 because of the angle of the picture, but Wemby and Robinson are straight on and the Admiral looks like he's a child compared to Wembanyama. That took a few seconds for my brain to process. Robinson and Duncan were called the Twin Towers back in their day and they may as well be undersized PGs standing next to the next great Spur. The whole thing is a bit of a mindfuck.

Wemby is also pretty lucky that he got to dine with Spurs legends and didn't have to end up going to somewhere like Charlotte. Who's coming to that dinner you think? Kemba, Larry Johnson, and like….Emeka Okafor? Maybe Adam Morrison or Muggsey Boges or something? Not exactly the same firepower we're talking about compared to that Spurs picture. 

That photo also reminded me of the picture we had of Wembanyama standing next to Rudy Gobert (another 7'1 guy) that also broke some brains

Garrett Ellwood. Getty Images.

Maybe I'm the only one whose brain is messed up by seeing these photos because I have a moron's brain, but I don't think so. This is just something that's going to take some time to get used to seeing. Like I said at the top of the blog we all know Wembanyama is tall, but stuff like this really hammers that point home. It's partly why I can't wait to see him play, because we've never had anything like this before. Sure there have been giants in the league before, but they didn't play like a guard. 

All I know is I cannot wait for Summer League where Wemby already said he's playing. I need to see what this looks like in person when I'm out in Vegas in a few weeks to watch the Summer Celts. Something tells me watching him on TV doesn't really compare to seeing it in person, and the beauty of Summer League is as long as you get there early you can get super close if the game is in the Cox Pavilion gym, and something tells me Wemby is going to absolutely dominate.