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Strike While The Iron's Hot!: Netflix Is Re-Adding Titanic On July 1st

This is just some truly diabolical work from Netflix. What in the Kris Jenner marketing strategy is this? The bodies (RIP) aren't even cold yet and some Silicon Valley execs said fuck it we ball? Twitter trolls are one thing but industry trolling is something else man. Can you imagine the meeting that went into this? 

Some Netflix intern: "Sir, the Titanic, it's trending"

Them: "Release it"

Intern: "But sir, it's not what you think"


You almost have to respect the inability to read the room here. It's not like you can't pull a re-release with the click of a button and maybe just wait a couple months or so coming off the heels of one of the biggest news stories of the year. Titanic is an all-time great movie and should be treated as such, but I can't imagine this will be received very well. Then again, Channel 5 released an entire documentary about the submarine literally hours after they would have ran out of oxygen and people bitched for a second then forgot. 

That being said, there's no way they aren't already working on a documentary themselves that will inevitably get them even more profit. And all of this will work spectacularly. I would bet every current and future dollar I ever earn that it sits #1 in Most Popular by July 2nd. Netflix heard about the implosion and said tell them to bring me my money like they're that football coach after he beat East Carolina. There's one thing capitalists are going to do and that is CAPITALIZE. 

Couple all this in with the fact that you can no longer share passwords and I'm ready to start a coup on these clowns over at Netflix HQ. James Cameron has been down to the Titanic wreckage 33 times and he was talking about how unsafe the OceanGate expedition was and that he'd never go and now this?! I don't even know if he has the ability to stop something like this but my untrained eye says that he has to have some say. Netflix is never seeing the gates of heaven.