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Neil Everett's SportsCenter Goodbye Was Just A Little Bit Emotional After A Legendary 23 Year Run

"Love is a long road. I'll see you down it." Damn. This is one of those "there goes my childhood" moments that hits you like a ton of bricks every so often. One of the few last good ones over at that one network. Neil would be on the Mount Rushmore of SportsCenter anchors easily. Always understood the moment and the assignment and was the perfect amount of funny. Just an all-timer. Stan and Neil were one of the best duos to ever do it. I'd wake up every morning before school just to catch the top 10 from these fellas and they never missed. 

I know things are constantly changing in the mediascape and this is no different, but stuff like this always sucks. ESPN is making a bunch of cuts as they move towards paying more modern star talent zillions of dollars. No one really watches SportsCenter anymore so maybe this will help them, but it is always a little depressing to see something that was a constant for so long come to an end. Apparently Neil is going to increase his role with his hometown Trail Blazers, so it's not all said and done for him yet. 

Nothing else to say here but congrats to Neil on what was an incredibly successful career and thanks for the memories.

Bartender, Jack! Last call.