This Dad Cooking Hibachi Inside The House Might Be Onto Something

This is going viral on Twitter today and I say we hear out pops on what he was cooking. Turning the kitchen to a hibachi is an insane move but tell me those don't look like good eats? Was outside closed? He took "let him cook" too seriously and now the whole house is gonna smell like mesquite seasoning for an entire month. You ask your mom to take you to the local Benihana's and she tells you that you've got hibachi at home and she wasn't lying. 

Upon further research, it's been nearly 110 degrees out in Houston recently so I'm starting to see where he's coming from. The ultimate dad power move. If you think about it hard enough, this is just a gas range without ventilation, and he has the windows open so it's basically the same thing. I don't encourage you to do this at all but given the invite, and disclaimer, it's incredibly dangerous and potentially life threatening, for this dad I'll be the first one there with a plate. Get some saké in the spot and I may never leave.