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Lonzo Ball Is Expected To Miss Yet Another Season In What Is An Increasingly Sad Story Of A Career Derailed By Injury

Man this sucks. The Bulls announced today that Lonzo is expected to miss the entirety of the 2023-24 season as he continues to rehab from that brutal knee injury he's been battling with for over a year now. It's time to raise actual concern if this might be the end for him. Lonzo was my favorite rookie when he came to the Lakers and how could he not be with a highlight tape like this:

Couple that with the LaVar media tour and the extreme hype he had coming into the league and we might be getting robbed of a truly special NBA career. The worst part is the injury came at a time when he was starting to figure it all out and transition into a legitimate NBA superstar. His knees might be cooked due to the BBB shoes that the family was trying to push so hard in his first few seasons. The Lakers blamed his sneakers for his injuries, and you just have to wonder if things would have been differently if he were hooping in some Nikes instead. Everything about this story sucks, but hopefully Lonzo can get back on the court at some point in the future because he's an electric factory while on it:

Best recovery wishes to Zo.