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After Ripping Out The Celtics Heart In The 2022 Finals, The Warriors Tried To Come Back For More By Trading Jordan Poole For Marcus Smart

Noah Graham. Getty Images.

Even though it's been a day or so, it's still very weird that Marcus Smart is no longer a member of the Boston Celtics. It's going to take some time to get used to it, seeing him in Grizzlies colors on Twitter has been so fucking weird, and things certainly didn't get any easier after listening to Brad talk about this trade last night

While making trades like this are tough, what's always fun is hearing about the trades that didn't happen. Remember when it was reported that Danny Ainge was ready to offer 6 picks including 4 potential 1st round picks so he could draft Justise Winslow in 2018? Man would that have been a disaster.

As it turns out, we also had another interesting almost trade when it came to Marcus Smart

"There were also conversations between Golden State and Boston, sources said, about sending Poole to the Celtics, before Boston went forward and traded Marcus Smart in the three-team trade with the Grizzlies that brought Kristaps Porziņģis to the TD Garden."

I can't imagine this was to keep Jordan Poole. He's the last type of player I would want this roster to replace Marcus Smart with. Chances are it was probably going to be a re-route of Poole to Washington for Porzingis, but that's not even why I care about this rumor. 

After the Golden State Warriors came into the Garden in Game 4 and ripped our collective hearts out of our chests on their way to winning the 2022 title, I'm not sure I could live in a world where the Warriors could then also insert the Celtics heart into their lineup. The Warriors have caused me enough pain, watching Marcus Smart in Golden State probably would have been it for me. A man can only take so much. I'll eventually (probably not) get used to and accept seeing him in Memphis. I lived through this exact scenario with Tony Allen, so at least there's a blueprint.

But GS? No. Hell no. Absolutely not. 

I can understand why GS would be interested, Smart would fit that team like a glove. Him and Draymond defensively would have been devastating. Having that perimeter and defensive support as Curry ages makes sense. Being on a team that preaches ball movement and threes is exactly how Smart likes to play. 

Thankfully, we avoided this disaster. The Warriors had to then pivot to CP3 which should certainly be an interesting experience, and my overall mental health caught a huge break. Losing Smart stings, but at least he isn't a Warrior. They've had enough already.