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Paris Hilton's Former Business Partner Was Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Put A Hit Out On A Filmmaker That Was Making A Documentary About Him

LA Times - Paris Hilton’s former business partner in an Orlando nightclub was arrested this week on suspicion of trying to arrange the killing of a man who was making a negative documentary about him, federal investigators confirmed to The Times on Thursday.

Fereidoun Khalilian, 51, was arrested Wednesday in Las Vegas at a Dunkin’ doughnuts store in the alleged plot that targeted a Los Angeles-based filmmaker who had previously worked for Khalilian, law enforcement sources said.

Details on the alleged murder-for-hire conspiracy — which did not result in anyone’s death — were not immediately available. The criminal complaint against Khalilian was not yet unsealed Thursday morning.

Khalilian, who refers to himself as “Prince Fred,” runs in celebrity circles and is known for being a former business partner of Hilton. The duo co-owned her Club Paris in Orlando.

I'm convinced there isn't any real hitmen out there any more. It's a relic of a bygone era. Like milk men, dressing up to fly on airplanes, or slowly downloading Paris Hilton's porn on Limewire. Because every time you hear of someone trying to hire a hitman it's always just an FBI agent who sends their ass straight to the big house. 

Which is probably what is going to happen to Prince Fred here. They call him that because no one knows how to say or spell his last name, including his former business partner and noted education enthusiast Paris Hilton.

“His first name is Fred. I can’t spell his last name,” Hilton said of Khalilian in an interview with the New York Daily News in 2005.

I almost feel bad for Paris in this situation. She probably hasn't talked to this guy in years and now her name is on every headline around the internet because he decided to try and hire Motherfucker Jones. But then again, Paris has always been an "any publicity is good publicity" kind of gal. 

This guy Prince Fred sounds like a real piece of shit too. Apparently he has had multiple run-ins with the law for assault and sexual assault while he co-owned the club with Paris. He was also apparently ran out of a company that was partly responsible for Beats By Dre for having what we'll call "serious disagreements" with his employees.

Khalilian was also an executive at Monster Store — the audio company that collaborated with Dr. Dre to introduce Beats by Dre headphones.

He was “exited” from the company in 2018 after staff accused him of making “threats of mutilation, death, and threats to family,” according to a Monster news release.

A temporary restraining order was filed against Khalilian at the time by Monster Store.

I mean who among us hasn't threatened to mutilate our direct reports in a heated moment at work. Oh that's right, no one. Because we're not fucking lunatics.

And did this doucher learn nothing from working with Paris Hilton? Just because you're getting fucked on film doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Paris turned that exact scenario into a very lucrative career. You gotta improvise, brother. 

Personally, I think Prince Fred should have just rode this one out. Because now there will be mutilating going on, but it will be his butthole getting mutilated by his new roommate, Big King in cell block D. 

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