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Jayson Tatum's Goodbye IG Post To Marcus Smart Has Me In A Glass Case Full Of Emotion

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.

I know there's a Draft going on right now, but someone sent this to me and I couldn't not blog it. I had been wondering when we would finally hear from Jayson Tatum in regards to the Marcus Smart trade and well, yeah...

While some still try and push this narrative that Tatum and Brown were tired of Smart or didn't like playing with him or any of that nonsense now that he's been traded, anyone paying attention to what Tatum actually says when talking about Smart knows the deal

I can't lie, that IG post brought back all of the emotions I've been trying to suppress for the last 20 hours or however long it's been. I've lost count. That sure sounds like a guy who understood the importance of Marcus Smart to me. I have to imagine he was at least consulted by Brad with such a massive trade like this, but maybe that's wishful thinking and this is just the business of basketball at work, something Tatum clearly understands. 

I'll admit when I got to the part about them linking back up and winning a title, my gut reaction was uh oh. Unless he's talking about forcing Brad to bring Smart back in 2026, that would obviously mean it's happening somewhere else which would be very bad. Granted Tatum will be in his supermax extension so I'm leaning more towards forcing a Smart return. Listen, star players use their powers for a whole lot less. At that point there will be a need for point guard after Brogdon's deal is up in 2025, so maybe you can get a 32 year old Smart at a heavy discount. That way he retires a Celtic like he always wanted and everyone is happy. Those who think Smart is the devil and the worst thing to ever happen to this basketball team get a few years to see what life looks like without him and then everything comes full circle as Tatum enters his NBA prime.

Was that just a dangerously massive dose of copium? You fucking bet. The wound is still fresh and reading that IG post ripped that shit wide open.