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Woj Dunks All Over Shams For Suggesting That The Hornets Considered Anyone But Brandon Miller At No. 2 Overall

Prior to Thursday's NBA Draft, Shams Charania, the only worthy combatant to Adrian Wojnarowski in the pro basketball insider Scoop Wars, reported the following about the Charlotte Hornets' second overall pick:

Well guess what, Shams?? YOU'RE A SHAM. According to Woj, at least, because ESPN's main man did not mince any fucking words whatsoever and not-so-indirectly called Shams out for his dubious prior report once Brandon Miller was the pick:

DAMN. At the very least, Woj is implying that Shams' sources in Charlotte failed him or shot up a smokescreen to make him look bad.

Brandon Miller feels like the right pick. The Hornets already have a franchise lead guard in place (or so you would think) in LaMelo Ball. Miller certainly can be a playmaker, but he's more of a high-ceiling wing who can really fill it up from 3-point range and work off-ball to maximize LaMelo's ball-dominant talents. 

Just don't tell that to Hornets fans. As Reags covered, there was a segment of them who didn't appear to be enthralled with Miller's arrival:

Scoot Henderson was the only other viable alternative. I don't see why Charlotte would do that unless the plan was to trade LaMelo. Cutting back to the Shams vs. Woj saltiness, in case y'all didn't know, they shared time at Yahoo! right when Shams began his career and are now a massive rivalry. I don't fully know why and I don't think they'd publicly shit on each other, but it is a palpable spat that's gone on for years.

I saw Woj last year wandering by himself on his phone near the South Street Seaport area of Manhattan. He was having a super important conversation on his phone, you could tell. Decided to leave him be instead of rush him. Has anyone tried to steal his phone before? That'd be so interesting. 


I'm sure the life of an insider on the level of Woj or Shams is lucrative and thrilling in spurts but I don't envy either of them. Constantly digging around for information. Trying to be "FIRST". That whole instant gratification that never fills you up because you're always on the hunt for the next scoop. And so on. Sounds exhausting. Glad we just get to sit back, enjoy. And by "we" I don't mean "me" since I'm obviously writing about it right now.

However much of a grind it's been for Woj or Shams, whenever they get a chance to fire shots at each other like this, it must make it all worth it. 

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