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Welcome To Charlotte: Hornets Fans Booed The Everliving Shit Out Of Brandon Miller The Moment He Was Drafted No. 2 Overall

Ah there it is. A draft day staple of booing the hell out of your early pick. Hey, I'd be upset too. I think Scoot Henderson is better than Brandon Miller. I'd rather have my front office take the better talent than worry about fit or anything like that. Not to mention the whole Shams/Woj back and forth about who they were going to take plus this story floating around:

Why you would ever let the current owner who is leaving have final say makes no sense to me, even if that man is Michael Jordan. Either way, I love that Hornets fans are booing. Bring some passion. Now you can have a guy to put all the blame on if the team stinks and if he's good you can say you were caught up in the moment. Win-win. 

This is the beauty of being a fan though. Who care about scouting or anything like that? You did your own scouting, you have even watched 1 single film of a prospect. But you have your guy you wanted your team to draft. When that doesn't happen you react rationally. You boo. You start getting mad. Welcome to Charlotte, Brandon Miller!